Smart City & Smart Life


With the development of technologies, such as intelligent hardware, artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT) and mobile payment, new retail and new commerce have become new trends in the new era. As indispensible human-machine interaction modes, emerging display and interactive technologies have become the driving forces for the innovative development of new retail, new commerce and new media.

Based on KDX’s  differentiated emerging display technology as well as the strong demand of new retail and new commerce for new technologies, KDX has worked with Kangde Xinchuang (KDXC) to combine display technology with AI and big data, and independently develop an IoT platform and AI system. They have also established a cross-scenario, multi-terminal user aggregation and operation platform on the cloud, and successfully built competitive intelligent terminals such as smart retail system, smart mirror and 3D smart advertising system, providing total solutions and user operation platforms for new retail, new retail and new media and accelerating the development of smart cities and a smart life.

New Retail

Relying on  large screen touch technology around the world, KDXC has set foot in new retail and innovatively introduced a smart retail system through cross-border integration. The system is composed of a smart retail terminal and a smart retail cloud platform based on flexible combinations. By combining large screen touch technology with AI and other frontier technologies and connecting online and offline operations via the IoT, it can achieve sales of various categories and multiple profit models, and build a new smart retail system integrating retail, advertising and user operation.

Smart vending system: KDXC’s smart retail system, which breaks time and space limits, solves the problems such as e-commerce’s failure to meet users’ demand for impulsive consumption and the high cost of 24-hour operation of physical stores. Compared with traditional vending machines, it connects online and offline operations, achieves sales of various categories and multiple profit models, and builds a new smart retail system integrating retail, advertising and user operation.

New Business

In order to address the high refund and exchange rates in the e-commerce sector and rising operating costs of traditional commerce and to improve consumers’ shopping experience, KDXC has integrated large screen touch technology, 3D modeling, 3D display, IoT and AI and introduced “mirror family” products such as physical fitness test mirror and 3D smart fitting system. It also provides consumers and related enterprises with intelligent terminals such as smart physical fitness test mirror, makeup mirror, and 3D fitting mirror, building an interactive platform for physical fitness test, retail, advertising and user operation.

New Media

KDXC has enabled new media with its unique leading technology. Based on KDX’s world-class emerging display technology and self-developed digital advertising trading platform, consumers are provided with immersive, interactive media scenarios and the user conversion rate is improved. It has created products including 3D intelligent advertising terminals, 3D splicing screens and intelligent touch control screens, and integrated media resources of self-built and external screens, providing equipment laying and media operation services for scenarios such as cinemas, communities, airports, high-speed railways and subways. KDXC’s new media terminal has been introduced to cinemas, communities and high-speed railways in first-tier cities, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong and Shenzhen, and been well-received by advertisers including BMW, Land Rover and Didi.

Smart New Life

KDX has developed micro/nano-structured materials with multiple features and produced laminating and panel products, which are widely applied to markets of construction materials, home appliances, kitchen & bathroom, and home furnishing, giving a boost to smart cities and a smart life.

● PDLC Film

Through organic combination with glass and other materials, it will be transparent when the power is on and atomized in case of power outages. It is widely applied to indoor partition, outdoor curtain walls, bathrooms, show windows, subways and hospitals.

● Insulation Film

It can block 80% of heat from direct solar radiation and 54% of the total solar energy, thus reducing the indoor temperature in summer and the indoor heat loss in winter.


At the Appliance & Electronics World Expo (AWE) 2018, KDXC and Haier signed a strategic cooperation agreement to jointly build smart wardrobe mirrors. Based on KDX’s optimal film technology, the mirrors provide multiple functions including intelligent collocation recommendation, purchase, physical fitness test analysis and health advice.

Strategic cooperation with Haier(Left)→

Haier smart wardrobe mirror(Right)→